Friday, March 9, 2007

Tips on Cheats, Gameshark Codes & Walkthroughs

I find that sticking to the basics would get you the best results in your search for best game cheats. If your looking for cheats, gameshark codes, walkthroughs or anything of the sort, try searching for the game title itself to save you time.

PS2 is one of my favorite gaming platforms. Another great platform for is the gameboy advance. Clear crisp graphics and ya gotta love the portability. There is the psp which outweighs the gameboy advance graphics wise but there's just something about the gameboy advance that draws me to it. Maybe it's that old nintendo feel. (Nes) Anyway, I know a few sites that may help if your looking for the best gameboy advance cheats. and if your in to GBA emulators emuparadise has all your GBA rom needs. I frequently visit that site for updates on new roms and new GBA releases. One game in particular that I find very addictive. Golden Sun (The Lost Age). This game is by far the best RPG game GBA has to offer. It’s jam packed with mind-boggling puzzles and eye-popping graphics that would satisfy the pickiest gamer. I recommend getting a copy of it. Here are some links that offer some of the best Golden sun cheats, codes, and walkthroughs. You can also go to those sites for GBA info and codes for the original installment of Golden sun.


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